Aleks - Help in work and daily routine
We are professional team that creates helping soft and tools to make your life easier

Products for work

Every work has some routine parts that can be automated. If you want to make your life easier, but you haven't found appropriate soft - we can help you

Products for daily use

Time is very valuable. If you can't find soft that can help you save time, then ask us and we will create it for you

Enjoy life more

Our life consists not only from work and daily routine. If you have some interisting idea and need soft to make it real, then contact us and we will help

UX/UI consulting

If you are not professional designer, but you need advise or help with design issues you can contact us

Programming consulting

Professional code can't be written without many years of experience and hard study. If you have some problems and need help, you can usk us

Hand in IT world

If you think that IT guys are aliens and you need someone to explain or help with some topics - don't be afraid, we can help with no problem


We have professional knowledge in many fields - music, science, sport, finance, technologies, culture, languages, etc. It helps us to understand people needs and make better products


More than 8 years in global IT companies and more than 10 years of soft making (web, desktop, mobile). Created and improved different variaty of systems and products, from small browser plugins and tools to huge multiserver platforms

High quality

Nowadays amount of programmers and companies worldwide has became extremely high, but amount of bad code, dishonesty, and bad programmers also reached terrifying numbers. In Aleks we are glad that we belong to good part of that world


We received master degrees in best ukrainian universities (National Universtiy of "Kyiv-Mohyla academy", National Technical University "KPI"), completed courses in MIT and Stanford, finished diffent network (Cisco), programming, UI/UX, scrum and other courses


If you buy or use our products, then you can count on 24/7 support. In the same time thanks to high quality you should not experience problems and can just enjoy working with them


We are professionals in our field thanks to strong background and many years of experience

Customer oriented

Our goal is to make products that will make life easier and people happier, products that we will be proud of


We are honest and we like to work with honest people. On our opinion being honest, polite and professional are must



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